Great Information on The Different Types of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam was invented in the 1960s by the United States of America’s space agency (NASA) as a lightweight material that provided cushioning against vibrations and in the event of a crash. It was eventually released into mainstream use and found applications in the medical sector in beds for patients with severely restricted movement. After initially being held back by high manufacturing costs, it was first developed into a mattress by a Swedish company in the 1990s. It now claims a significant portion of the bedding industry, with around forty-five per cent of all mattresses being purchased being made from memory foam. This short article will document the advancements in memory foam technology and describe the three main types of a memory foam mattress. Malaysia is now well provided for with many great memory foam suppliers stocking the best mattresses available.

The Classic Choice

The first type of memory foam mattress to enter consumer use is known as a traditional type of memory foam and was constructed to provide excellent support and cushion the body evenly. It did, though, tend to retain heat and lead to an uncomfortably warm sleeping surface which put many people off. The next two types of memory foam mattresses were specifically developed to address this problem.

The Open Cell Mattress

This type of mattress uses the same material as a traditional memory foam mattress but with a different internal structure. The open-cell mattress has an internal pocket design that allows air to circulate and ventilation to occur, dispersing the build-up of heat. New production techniques overcame problems affecting the firmness of the initial open-cell mattresses.

The Gel Mattress

A further development in memory foam mattresses has seen the use of gel-based microbeads, which are pumped into the foam; this process creates pockets similar to those found in open-cell mattresses and has the same cooling effect reducing the heat felt by the sleeper.

In addition to these three main types of memory foam mattresses, manufacturers are now using other materials to aid sleep. Copper is used in some mattresses as it helps with both heat dispersal and moisture wicking. It is also now possible to buy a memory foam mattress infused with aromatherapy scents such as Aloe vera or Tea tree oil to assist the user in finding a restful night’s sleep.

So, there we are, all the information you need if you are considering buying a memory foam mattress; take a look at your local supplier today.

Cindy Joana

Cindy Joana