Highlighting Interior Design Trends for Your New Home

Moving into your new home is an exciting and busy time; there is a multitude of jobs, decisions, and details for you to consider. One major task is deciding how you will decorate your new home; we all want our home to have the right balance of modern design trends, up-to-date technology, comfortable furniture, and welcoming décor. In this short piece, we will look at some of the newer trends being favoured by interior designers and the types of furniture that might be gracing the shelves of furniture stores in Bangkok, New York, and London.

Make A Statement in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in the home where the family bonds throughout the day while cooking and eating. Make your kitchen a superb space with these design trends –

  • Be bold and use large pieces of Marble to create focal points on island units and work surfaces; use colours or unique veining for added effect.
  • Sleek Appliances – complement your overall design ideas with modern, stylish smart appliances; they offer safety and efficiency while looking fantastic.
  • Larger Islands – the popularity of the island and the fact the kitchens are fast extending to take up larger parts of the floorplan mean more extensive and better island units.

Moving Into Your Lounge

As the area where you relax, your lounge or sitting room should be a welcoming place where you can relax and rest after a busy day. Colour choices such as muted greens and soothing blues will create a perfect environment. Decorating with subtle but meaningful family or collected objects ease our anxieties, and using natural organic materials and shapes creates a softer effect that reflects our desire for comfort. Use curved furniture to encourage people to sit together and talk and soft white table lamps to create the right environment.

In Your Bathroom

Bathroom designs are trending towards the use of colour and the feeling of wellness; introducing colour is using these exciting trends –

  • Coloured concrete – fast becoming the interior designer’s favourite the mixture of pigment and texture is a winner.
  • Reclaimed Vintage tiles – Mediterranean styles give both patina and colour with which to personalise your bathroom.
  • Promote wellness and self-care by transforming your bathroom into a home spa; different elements can enhance your relaxation and enjoyment of the room.

Take your time when you are planning the interior design of your new home; there are literally endless ideas, colour schemes and types of furniture for you to choose from. With Plenty of research and your own thoughts, you transform it into your haven of luxury and relaxation.

Cindy Joana

Cindy Joana